Your First Visit

Eyelash extensions can be a lifesaver for busy women on the go that don’t have time or skill to apply strip lashes every day, but still want that fluttery fringe. Eyelash extensions can add length, volume, and drama, – or you can go for a demure and natural look. The best news is that they are completely customizable! 

What To Expect:

  • There will be a form to fill out before your first appointment. After that, your Lash Artist will take you into a private room and assist you in choosing the perfect lashes for you and your face and lifestyle. You’ll lay on a comfortable, cushioned adjustable chair during which your Lash Artist will apply your lash extensions one by one.

Before You Arrive:

  • Give yourself time. — If you arrive late, this takes out of your total time slot. We value every clients time commitments and therefore strive to stay within those parameters. Being late causes you to lose the amount of lashes you receive or forces us to go into another person’s appointment. Neither scenario is desirable. Please simply be on time.

If you have lash extensions on currently, please let us know when booking the appointment so we can schedule additional time for lash removal.



  • Arrive with a fresh, clean face—Remove all eye makeup with oil free makeup remover or lash shampoo. Avoid using sunscreen or moisturizers. Don’t curl your lashes. Do not wear mascara to your lash appointment.


Avoid using waterproof mascara a few days prior to your appointment. It can often leave a residue that can prevent extensions from adhering properly.




Allow approximately 75 minutes for your first appointment.