Lashes & More


Silk and Mink Premium Lashes

We only uses premium silk or mink lashes. The lashes are animal cruelty free, made of a synthetic material to emulate a silk or mink material.  Refined lashes are the highest quality lashes. The silk and mink feel softer, lighter, and look more luxurious than a normal lash extension.


Natural lashes

natural b-curl black lashes are used to extend your lashes with a soft look. They have a slight curl and come in different lengths and thickness. The b-curl lash is the most requested look and enhance your lashes naturally.


Dramatic lashes

curly c-curl lashes have a stronger curl that is used to open the shape of the eye. C-curl lashes can be used with the b-curl to add volume to your lashes or alone to create a more dramatic look.  Our c-curl lash comes in a variety of lengths and thickness. The C-curl lashes create that dramatic look .


Bottom Lashes

For an even more intense look we are able to add eyelash extensions to the bottom set of lashes on our clients to give an even more intense look. 


Special Care Packages

We offer special care packages to extend the life of your eyelashes with special makeup remover, eyebrush wand, etc.